Huper Optik® Window Films

Huper Optik® Nano Ceramic Window Films

Huper Optik® Nano Ceramic Window Films

Solar Protech features Huper Optik® window tint films. Without exception, this company manufactures the highest quality, best functioning product on the market today. We could install other brands including 3M® , Gila®, LLumar and other quality products, but in our opinion, you can’t do better than quality this German company has to offer.

The Best Combination of Features

Other companies manufacture great window films but no other combines technologies like Huper Optik does. Add the excellent installation service Solar Protech provides and you have a winning combination.

Clear, Tinted and Protective Window Films

This manufacturer offers a film that is essentially clear, allowing all the natural light through the window and still blocking about 50% of the heat. Keep the heat out and the air conditioning equipment doesn’t have to burn fossil fuels to cool your home back down.

Huper Optik Represents Energy Saving value

Energy prices have risen sharply and will continue to go up and up. If you do the research, you will find that there is no other way to reduce energy consumption that is more cost effective than window tinting. Huper Optik window films are one of the best values for the money.

You may know very little about the benefits of window film. In fact you are probably very concerned about the reflectivity or the bubbling up or the blueing of previous generations of window tinting. In response to these concerns they launched Huper Optik USA in January of 2000. They introduced window film with low reflectivity and high heat reduction as an answer your concernd.

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